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Adirondack Photography

There is a rich heritage of photography from the Adirondack Mountains going back over 100 years. Today, John Gates is well known for his original work celebrating the natural beauty of the region.
Vintage Adirondack Photography
For over 15 years John has practiced photography throughout the Adirondacks, and sold his original pictures under the Adirondack Prints brand.
Adirondack Photography by John Gates
New York State's Adirondack Park provides almost endless oportunities for nature photographers. Mr. Gates encourages everyone to visit the area and above all to bring their cameras.
Fall in the Adirondacks Photography
John Gates's Adirondack Photography is very popular at gift shops, galleries, and art shows, and has won many awards. While his style and technique are always evolving, the diversity of his subjects continues. In his own words, "The opportunities for fine art photography are infinite. The pictures are always there, all around us, every day. The biggest challenge is to slow down our lives, our brains, enough to see the beautiful pictures that are right in front of us."
Adirondack Photography: Diverse Subjects
We invite you to explore the photography offered by Mr. Gates under the Adirondack Prints brand. Over 100 original photographs can be viewed from this site. A good place to begin is by visiting our OnLine Store.
Adirondack Photography from Adirondack Prints